In 1994 Danielle's husband Rick, who is a big lover of golf, asked Danielle

if she would create a picture of the famous # 12 hole at Augusta National.

They wrote to Augusta and got permission to recreate the famous Golden Bell

# 12 and the result was one of the most spectacular pieces of artwork Danielle

ever did. In fact Danielle and Rick had a run of 1,000 prints made from the original.

Many were purchased by friends and family and then they ran a couple of

advertisements in Golf Magazine and sold about 50 more prints. Golfer's Warehouse

purchased a special block of 30-40 prints and the Atlantic Golf shop bought

about 100. WPRO-AM also gave away a large block of these prints at the

Brad Faxon/Billy Andrade CVS charity golf classic in 2004. Below is a photo

from a golf book, one of many she used to recreate the famous # 12 Golden Bell,

and her painting is below it which includes the Hogan bridge with plaque to the left.

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